A global city, a street food city. A short trip of only 2 days was enough to discover that I am willing to return. For food.

Luckily, Google maps abandoned me, so I got lost in neighbourhoods crowded with people living in London. .

Lost in London: neighbourhood 1. A vibrant neighbourhood, an unexpected photo exhibition, an ant-hill of vintage shops, the area above Spitalfields (at the North-East of Old Spitalfield market) is definitely a place to return to.

Walking aids becoming hungry. Over to food.

Business concepts flourish in London. The London hospitality scene exists out of lots of concepts created by business groups. As a customer, you’re not always aware of the fact that a restaurant, often having a unique name, is part of a group. In my humble opinion, knowing this, detracts from my enthusiasm. Though, this trend is not new and will only expand. At the end: business people have the ability to create magic.

Taberna de mercado. Portuguese in London. The interior is a combination of minimalism and rural. The chairs are well chosen: landhouse style, wood and quite hard so that you don’t spend too much time sitting in the restaurant without consuming. The first dish: bread with tomatoes. Simplicity flourishes. Taberna de mercado is a unique creature.

BAO. My all time favourite restaurant (out of the few ones we visited) is BAO. Buns and Taiwanese side dishes are created in the cellar of the restaurant. At the restaurant, I felt warm and appreciated. The buns are the best. The side dishes are the best. The people serving them were the best. And the creative design is innovative and consistent. A discovery of a Japanese beer in a can with surprisingly high end finishing, was the cherry on the cake. The group behind BAO has four locations in London.

Ottolenghi Spitalfields. High expectations. Just great food. Not pleasantly welcomed, it felt as a lost opportunity to enjoy food at the vibrant streets of London. Although convinced that Ottolenghi and his crew are wise business man, the restaurant was not in line with strategic concept thinking. Quite a boring place and waiters who were bored by serving me, I decided not to take a dessert which I sweared. Ottolenghi is author of many cooking books, has five restaurants in London and offers a full range of food products.

Caravan King’s Cross. The last stop before taking the Eurostar back home. Caravan is a restaurant and coffee roastery, The interior is industrial and rather premium thanks to thick tablecloth and napkins. I still have sweet dreams of Caravan. The group behind Caravan has five locations in London.