Berlin is hip. Lots of graffiti and stacked trash turn the city into a superlative of hip: trashy. Artificial trash? Or a true reflection of the downearth mentality of Berliners? Go and explore the city with your own eyes.

When travelling, our trips get a meaning by exploring the most promising food concepts. We map the places we are willing to go to and look for places to visit in these neighbourhoods. No waiting in line. No commercial traps. Exploring real life is the most humble thing you can do when being in another city.

A must “feel” Berlin food experience is Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab. Waiting in line, we found ourselves stupid tourists convinced that all Berliners were eating Gemüse Kebab at another place while feeling very local seeing the herd of tourists. After the first bite, we were assured that this is impossible. Did you ever eat a Gemüse Kebab for 3.50 euros? Did you ever had the feeling that, although it’s three different sauces created respecting the unwritten trio of salt, fat and spicy, the gemüse kebab tastes not fat and even tasted healthy? Did you ever had the feeling that when taking bites from your Gemüse Kebab, you discover each time a new ingredient? Pretty sure the answer is no, unless you’re a client of Mustafa.

A second must “feel” Berlin (doorstreep + Korean) food experience is Kimchi Princess. When entering the noisy red club, you set along the trashy Berliner thanks to lots of noise from full and empty plates. Love it, especially when not being in group. Mustafa and Kimchi are BFF: one bowl, with each bite a different flavor. My princess is Kimchi.

Morning is synonym to coffee. The Visit Coffe Roastery, located in Kreuzberg, was our number one choice and is, in my humble opinion, worth this position. Look for the history of Kreuzberg on the internet, visit the local community museum and experience the area.

Noon is synonym to lunch. Klunkerkranich, located in Berlin-Neukölln, is a sky bar honouring the trashy character of Berlin.

The next must feel in Berlin is Lode und Stijn. A pick found by looking for “best sourdough bread Berlin” on Google. Breakfast became dinner. Two boys from Holland who came to Berlin. Not fed by a passion for a trashy city, but rather fed by a gap in the Berlin market for qualitative bistro restaurants. Some may say rational, but you do not taste that acid word in the dishes they serve. Inspired by the look and feel described in reviews, we were hoping to have a Berliner experience of our all time favorite restaurant in Antwerp. Unfair, so why comparing? Lode and Stijn are good. Go eating and sipping wine at their place.

Slightly waisted due to irresponsible drinking of high quality natural wines and spirits, we took a bike back to the hotel. Next morning we and especially my counterpart were sick. Sick as due to illness.

The last good to see Berlin food experience is Tim Raue. A three star restaurant. We took a lunch menu with the minimum (+1) number of courses. What can we say about this restaurant? The only thing I can blame them on is the uncomfortable feeling when you feel the waiter does not really understand why sick people come to the restaurant. We bought the cooking book to remember this bizarre experience.

A glimpse of nice shops we visited: Voo Store
A glimpse of the shortlisted bars we did not visit: Green Door, Buck and Breck
A glimpse of the restaurants we were willing to visit: Yumcha Heroes Manufaktur, Cocolo Ramen X-Berg